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On liberal democracy, elections, and Turkey with Francis Fukuyama

"Democratically inclined people in Turkey really have to concentrate on coalition building and coming up with the program that is actually going to be popular if they do succeed in coming to power."

Bartu Özden


19 Mar 2023

⚡️ Asia-Pacific Update US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi in Munich against providing lethal aid to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Blinken also rebuked Wang over an alleged Chinese spy balloon, saying that the craft’s entry into US airspace was an “irresponsible act. Wang Yi said China and the EU should prepare for a meeting of their leaders, in a bid to strengthen the country’s ties with the bloc as the political tensions...Devamını Oku

20 Şub 2023

• China imposed trade and investment sanctions on US defense companies Lockheed Martin and Raytheon over supplying weapons to Taiwan, with the Ministry of Commerce saying they were added to the "unreliable entity" list of companies that endanger national sovereignty. The two companies are now banned from importing goods into China or making new investments in the country. Context: The sanctions came as tensions heightened after the US shot down a Chinese "spy balloon...Devamını Oku

17 Şub 2023

• The Philippines allowed the US to set up four additional military bases in the country, boosting Washington's efforts to counter China by having a strategic advantage to monitor activities in the South China Sea and Taiwan. US and Philippines' military expansion plan is part of the full implementation of the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

03 Şub 2023

• Taiwan activated its defenses —fighter jets, navy and missile systems— in response to Chinese military aircraft and warships that are operating nearby, the self-ruled island’s defense ministry said.

02 Şub 2023

• NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg heavily criticized China for "bullying its neighbors and threatening Taiwan," and called for Japan and other democracies to work together with NATO to defend international order. Visiting Tokyo, Stoltenberg called it a "critical moment for NATO and for Japan," saying that trans-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific are "deeply interconnected" while accusing China and Russia of leading an authoritarian pushback against the international order...Devamını Oku

01 Şub 2023

• Taiwan's military will allow women to volunteer for reserve force training for the first time, the defense ministry reported, as China proceeds to increase military pressure on the island.

19 Oca 2023

• Japanese PM Fumio Kishida begins a weeklong trip Monday to strengthen military ties with Europe and Britain and bring into focus the Japan-US alliance at a summit in Washington. Kishida said he will explain to US President Joe Biden the new strategy, under which Japan plans to take on more offensive roles with an eye toward China’s actions against self-ruled Taiwan, which Beijing claims as part of its territory.

09 Oca 2023

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Will e-sports be an alternative to football?

What is e-sports, how e-sports watchers follow the games, and what does the future hold for the sector?

04 Oca 2023

• What Russia started as joint military exercises with Belarus near its border with Ukraine in early February, turned out to be a precursor to the invasion of Ukraine after Russia said the drills will not end as planned, and that Russian forces would remain in Belarus indefinitely later in the month. As Russia's Senate unanimously approved Putin's request to authorize sending troops to Donetsk and Luhansk; Putin demanded Ukraine recognized Russia's sovereignty over Crime...Devamını Oku

29 Ara 2022