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RTÜK Has Launched an Investigation Against Six Channels

RTÜK's investigation into opposition channels does not come as a surprise. It has been evident for many years that both the Chairman of the Board and the Board's decisions have been driven by a clear intention to penalize opposition media outlets whenever possible.

Ömer Faruk Şen


09 Haz 2023



On liberal democracy, elections, and Turkey with Francis Fukuyama

"Democratically inclined people in Turkey really have to concentrate on coalition building and coming up with the program that is actually going to be popular if they do succeed in coming to power."

Bartu Özden


19 Mar 2023

‘Censorship Law’ No. 7418 and ‘New NGO Law’ No. 7262

The year 2022 has witnessed increasing pressure on Turkish civil society which has reached alarming levels.

01 Şub 2023