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On the verge of economical discharge: Comeback era of M. Şimşek

It remains uncertain whether there will be a return to orthodox economic policies or if a middle ground can be reached between Simsek and Erdogan.

Enes Özkan


09 Haz 2023

• Italy's Democratic Party elected Elly Schlein to lead the country's opposition, a 37-year-old Italian-American who previously worked on former US President Barack Obama's two presidential campaigns. Schlein, who also became the first woman to lead the party, took an immediate swipe at PM Giorgia Meloni for her far-right anti-immigration policies, putting blame on her for Sunday's shipwreck deaths that killed dozens of migrants. via Corriere

28 Şub 2023

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Claiming anger

How can we successfully become a “real” people?

25 Şub 2023



Doves fighting with hawks

With his rhetoric, former HDP leader Demirtaş opens space for both the opposition and the "doves" in his party.

Abdullah Esin


29 Tem 2022

• Yoon Suk-yeol, from South Korea's main opposition People Power Party, was elected as the new president in a close-fought race. The 60-year-old conservative president-elect succeeded the ruling Democratic Party's Lee Jae-myunh with 48.6% of the vote to 47.8%. Chung Sung-Jun | Getty

10 Mar 2022

• US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has been re-nominated for a second four-year term by President Joe Biden. Lael Brainard, the other top candidate for the job, has been nominated as vice-chairman. Both names will have to be confirmed by the Democratic Party-controlled Senate. Markets wrap: The S&P 500 hit a record high after Joe Biden re-nominated Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to lead the central bank for a second term, with Wall Street rallying on t...Devamını Oku

23 Kas 2021