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Sleepwalking Into a Global Trade War

For 70 years after World War II, global growth was underpinned by ongoing efforts to boost international trade by eliminating self-defeating trade barriers. Sadly, the United States started dismantling this source of shared prosperity under Donald Trump, and it has now accelerated the process under Joe Biden.

06 Oca 2023

• The Federal Communications Commission plans to ban all sales of new Huawei and ZTE telecommunications devices in the US, as well as some sales of video surveillance equipment from three other Chinese firms, out of national security concerns. The ban comes after warnings that the Chinese government could use Chinese-made telecommunications equipment to spy on Americans.

14 Eki 2022

• The US has expelled 12 Russian diplomats at the UN over national security concerns, describing the diplomats as "intelligence operatives" who had been engaging in "espionage activities". They are expected to leave the US by March 7th.

01 Mar 2022