espionage ile ilgili hikayeler

• Two Russians and a Ukrainian were arrested for alleged espionage at a military plant in southern Albania, the Albanian Defense Ministry said late Saturday. The trio was detained as one was taking photos on the plant’s grounds while the other two waited in a car nearby.

22 Ağu 2022

• Six EU countries —Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Spain— said they will be expelling Russian diplomats, a day after Germany and France did the same. Italian FM Luigi Di Maio and his Swedish counterpart Ann Linde said the move was "for national security reasons," while Danish FM Jeppe Kofod accused Russian diplomats of espionage. What they’re saying: Russia will respond proportionately to the expulsion of its diplomats, Russian ex-president and deputy he...Devamını Oku

06 Nis 2022

• 6 US state governments were hacked by a Beijing-backed group called APT41, cybersecurity company Mandiant reported, although none of the compromised offices were named. Zoom out: Although no motive was noted for these particular attacks, Mandiant said that APT41 has been known to carry out operations both for espionage and trade purposes.

10 Mar 2022

• The US has expelled 12 Russian diplomats at the UN over national security concerns, describing the diplomats as "intelligence operatives" who had been engaging in "espionage activities". They are expected to leave the US by March 7th.

01 Mar 2022

• MI6 Chief Richard Moore , UK’s Foreign Intelligence Agency, said that China, Russia, Iran, and international terrorism constitute the “big four” security issues facing the country’s spies. Greater emphasis on China: Blaming China for conducting large-scale espionage operations against UK and its allies, along with its growing aggressiveness surrounding the issue of Taiwan, Moore said a “miscalculation” by China could lead to war.

01 Ara 2021