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• The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is “weeks away” from finalizing a fully-fledged program of support for Ukraine, the fund’s Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said Saturday. The IMF said on Friday that it reached an agreement to provide a full loan program that would support Kyiv’s economy and help Ukraine in its bid to join the EU. In addition: EU foreign ministers are expected to discuss Estonia’s proposal to jointly invest around €4 billion to procure...Devamını Oku

20 Şub 2023

• Russia and Estonia expelled the ambassadors from each other's countries on Monday, saying that their diplomatic missions will now be handled by chargé d'affaires as relations between the two countries have been getting worse over Ukraine. In accordance, Latvia also announced that they would downgrade diplomatic relations with Russia as of Feb 24, in a show of solidarity with its neighbor Estonia. via CTV Blame it on the West: On a visit to South Africa, R...Devamını Oku

24 Oca 2023

• Eurozone escaped double-digit inflation by a narrow margin after Eurostat revised that the CPI in the single currency area was measured at 9.9% in September instead of 10.0%, which is still a historical record. via Bloomberg The great spread: According to the updated report, divergence in inflation has spread further across the eurozone, with the CPI increasing by 6.2% in France, while it increased by 24.1% in Estonia. via Bloomberg

20 Eki 2022

• Shell will use a battery developed by Estonia-based Skeleton Technologies that can charge in 90 seconds to electrify heavy-duty mining trucks for about 30 minutes. The energy giant is the first major customer of Skeleton’s SuperBattery, which uses supercapacitors that allow for far faster charging than the lithium-ion batteries typically used in electric vehicles, the Estonian firm said in a statement. Shell What’s next? Skeleton’s batteries are scheduled t...Devamını Oku

13 Eki 2022

• A Russian missile struck close to the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, which Ukrainian authorities denounced as an act of "nuclear terrorism." The strike, which followed warnings from Russia's President Vladimir Putin of possible stepped-up attacks after Ukraine's counter-offensive, did not damage the three reactors but hit other industrial equipment. via Reuters This just in: Kyiv said its troops had crossed a major river, paving the way for an assaul...Devamını Oku

20 Eyl 2022

• Eurozone Consumer Price Index was finalized at 9.1% year-on-year in August, up from 8.9% in July. So-called core CPI —which excludes energy and food prices— was finalized at an annual rate of 4.3%, up from the prior month’s 4.0%. The highest contribution to annual inflation came from energy with 3.95%, followed by food with 2.25%. Eurostat Moreover: The EU’s final CPI came at 10.1%, up from 9.8% a month ago. The lowest annual rate was registered in France w...Devamını Oku

19 Eyl 2022

Year-to-date price changes. Prices at markets close. • It's all about inflation this week as the US, the UK and the EU release CPI data. Also the Merge —Ethereum blockchain’s software upgrade— is expected to happen this week. Monday International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors to meet in Vienna; UK GDP, trade balance, industrial production; Turkey current account, unemployment rate. Tuesday The 77th UN General Assembly to open in New York; UK PM Truss...Devamını Oku

12 Eyl 2022

• Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said Ukraine's intelligence was responsible for the car bombing that killed nationalist political thinker Alexander Dugin's daughter over the weekend. While Ukraine denied involvement, the FSB said Daria Dugina's killing was carried out by a Ukrainian citizen named Natalya Vovk and that she then fled to Estonia.

23 Ağu 2022

• Estonia will remove its Soviet-era monuments from public spaces, with the country's PM Kaja Kallas saying that the decision was made due to a risk of public disorder following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. However, many Russian-speaking Estonians are protesting the government's decision, striking a flashback from 2007 when the removal of a Soviet war memorial had led to days of rioting that resulted in one person's death and thousands of people's detainment.

17 Ağu 2022

• Estonia and Finland's PMs called for the EU countries to stop issuing tourist visas to Russian citizens, saying they should not be able to go on vacations in Europe while Russia's government carries on its war in Ukraine. Two countries neighboring Russia have banned air travel after the invasion began, but Russians can still travel by land and seem to be taking flights to other EU destinations.

10 Ağu 2022