security ile ilgili hikayeler

• TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is to appear before the US Congress, as lawmakers scrutinize the Chinese-owned video-sharing app and plan to hold a vote to ban the use of TikTok in the country over national security concerns. Chew will testify before the Energy and Commerce Committee on March 23, which will be his first appearance before a congressional committee.

31 Oca 2023

• China is set to launch a state-backed transportation platform that will include services like ride-hailing, cargo trucking, road transport, and flight — which is expected to integrate more than 90% of its total transportation market capacity. The news comes amid the ride-hailing giant Didi's ban on the country was lifted on Monday, after the market-dominating company took measures to provide data security.

19 Oca 2023

• 6 US state governments were hacked by a Beijing-backed group called APT41, cybersecurity company Mandiant reported, although none of the compromised offices were named. Zoom out: Although no motive was noted for these particular attacks, Mandiant said that APT41 has been known to carry out operations both for espionage and trade purposes.

10 Mar 2022

• The Austrian government is launching a €1.7 billion aid package to alleviate the gross inflation in energy prices, introducing €150 payments to households paying social security and doubling payments handed to the unemployed to €300. Zoom out: Austria obtains 60% of its energy from hydroelectric generation but obtains four-fifths of the natural gas used from Russia, which equals 14% of the national energy consumption.

31 Oca 2022

• Researchers at cyber security group Check Point said hackers including Chinese state-backed groups have launched more than 1.2 million attacks on companies globally since last Friday, through a vulnerability in a widely used piece of open-source software called Log4J. Backstage: The flaw in Log4J allowed attackers to easily gain remote control over computers running apps in Java, a popular but outdated programming language.

15 Ara 2021

• Fumio Kishida was re-elected as Japan’s PM in the parliamentary vote after his governing party scored a major victory in the elections. The pandemic, the economy, and national security are his top priorities, he said at a late-night news conference.

11 Kas 2021