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• Iran cut gas exports to Turkey by 70% from Jan. 1 due to a malfunction on the Iranian network, Turkey’s state-owned grid operator Botas said on Saturday, ahead of peak winter demand. Botas said gas in storage is being used to meet demand as Turkish authorities urged Iran to solve the problem as soon as possible.

09 Oca 2023

Here we are with the 2022's first Zappa Times newsletter. We speak in the plural because of our multiplication. From now on, we will prepare Zappa Times together with Biray Kolluoğlu from Boğaziçi University Sociology Department. At the same time, Özge Açıkkol will continue to support us with her photographs as she did last year. Özge is helping us create the aesthetic language of our newsletter by sharing her photographs with us and giving us advice, especially...Devamını Oku

17 Haz 2022

• Gazprom said it will reduce gas flows via Nord Stream by 40% due to technical issues at its Baltic compressor station. The gas giant pointed at Siemens' failure to return the gas-pumping units it took for repairs in time as one of the contributing factors to said difficulties. The gas supplied is at as much as 100 million cubic meters, down from 167 million cubic meters planned per day, further aggravating supply concerns on the continent.

15 Haz 2022

• The German government will keep additional coal plants on standby for two years to stave off a possible electricity shortage in case Russia suddenly cuts off natural gas supplies in response to Western sanctions. Looking ahead… Germany expects to completely wean itself off Russian gas in 2024, and is still set to phase out coal by 2030.

09 Haz 2022

• Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Germany halted the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that was designed to double the flow of Russian gas, following Putin's decision to recognize the independence of separatist eastern Ukrainian Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Scholz told reporters that it was necessary to "send a clear signal to Moscow that such actions won’t remain without consequences." The backlash: Russia's former president Dmitry Medvedev, who is currently the deputy chairma...Devamını Oku

23 Şub 2022

• European and UK gas prices surged to another record high over growing concerns that Russia may invade Ukraine. Natural gas prices climbed as much as 30% since the start of the month, and the benchmark for delivery in January jumped to €120.25/MWh from €116/MWh the previous day. In the UK, prices rose to as much as £3.04 a therm from the previous high of £2.94 over two months ago.

15 Ara 2021

• Olaf Scholz hinted at the possibility of using the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as leverage in the event that Putin invades Ukraine, in his first comments as Germany’s new chancellor. “We have a very clear view: We want everyone to respect the integrity of borders,” Scholz said. “Everyone understands that there will be consequences if that doesn't happen, but the thing is to do everything to make sure they remain unbreached.” A step back: Washington ...Devamını Oku

09 Ara 2021