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Veraison is a wine magazine that finds a place for wine on every table because it believes that wine isn't exclusively meant for fancy tables with white tablecloths. 🍷 The most magical season Véraison is a French term of viticulture, let's start from there. The story is long and quite romantic. There is a reason why it gave its name to this publication, and it is very meaningful to me. But first, let's go to the vineyard, mingle among the vines, and understand th...Devamını Oku

23 Eki 2022

As we explore the wine in our glasses, we continue to dream of the next sip. In our upcoming issues, I will offer news fresh from the vineyard, insights into wine culture, and surprising pairings. It charts routes of sensory experience, and shares tasting notes. Thank you for reading! Cheers, Selin🍷

17 Eki 2022



🍷 September, the Month of Harvest

Harvest is a festival, in theory and in practice.

19 Eyl 2022



A Kuzubağ Story

Unforgotten vines, undried grapes.

19 Eyl 2022

A minimal yet mouth-watering showcase of Aegean cuisine Photo: Rana Mengü 1. Where to drink wine? Dörttepe Mor Salkım An old ceramic region that will make you want to go back to. Have a glass of Merlot if you like red wine, or try Bornova muscatel if you are white wine person. Mixed side bowl , flatbread prepared with heirloom barley wheat , self-produced crushed olive , stuffed grape leaves with cherry are excellent accompaniments. It's open ...Devamını Oku

31 Ağu 2022

I picked one of the grapes which makes you feel its acidity the most: Emir! Emir is the proudly presented grape of Cappadocia. The high diurnal range (the difference between day and night temperatures in the vineyard) makes the grape ripen well without losing its acidity. It makes quite lively, zappy wines. Our Grapest Hits playlist is also quite lively, zappy. If it has already started to play in the background, let’s start! Here is the playlist!

22 Ağu 2022