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Veraison is a wine publication that imagines the next sip while exploring the wine in its glass. 🍷 Tasting without labels What is blind tasting? Blind tasting is tasting without knowing what the wine is, without seeing the label. It is a sensory experience with a bit of mystery, a bit of curiosity, a lot of guessing, a lot of surprises. You taste without knowing anything-not the grape, not the region, not the vintage, not the winemaker, nothing; and then you i...Devamını Oku

22 Oca 2023

Wine publiction Veraison continued to imagine their next sip while exploring the wine in their glass. 🍷 The most magical season Doesn't it look just like a bunch of grapes? They themselves will grow and become grape clusters in the future. The flowers will turn into grapes and the grains will be counted one by one. Every grape's formation and transformation process is different. Therefore, there are no deadlines. The flowers have turned into grapes, the gr...Devamını Oku

31 Ara 2022

🍽️ Appetizers I will briefly re-share the 'preliminary' information I shared in Food&Wine Pairings Season 1 Episode 1 , because it forms the basis of food-wine harmony. I divide the sensory experiences in pairings into textural and aromatic, and I share them both through complementarities, similarities, and contrasts. Textural experience Acidity Acid is the sourest building block of wine. When you drink lemonade, when greengages pop up in the grocery store,...Devamını Oku

15 Ara 2022

When it comes to Beaujolais Nouveau, the songs are lively since we are at a festival. The grape is Gamay, and the list is a lively, vibrant list like Gamay. If we have the playlist on in the background and are starting to sway a little, let's start the article. The Playlist

01 Ara 2022