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Ayşe Şensılay

A gathering around the dining table in Cankurtaran, present company includes regulars, a few tek (glasses of single rakı) and heart-to- heart conversations. Across the crowd sits Ayşe Anne. She starts talking.

11 Mar 2023

07:43 a.m. in Dalston This week we were in Dalston, London. We started our tour of the neighborhood with a walk, thinking about the wines we would taste. We discussed the differences between wine bottles with Kirsty and had a conversation while tasting. Next week we will be writing from Istanbul, from Cankurtaran. A glass of wine will give swapped for a double rakı this time. Accompanied by Giritli's appetizers, we will jump over the Hıdırellez fire lit by Armada an...Devamını Oku

02 Şub 2023