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BRICS Expansion Process and Turkey

The fact that Turkey is not mentioned among the new members of BRICS clearly shows what kind of foreign policy and international trade system it should aim for.

Enes Özkan


02 Eyl 2023

🧐 Bugün neler okuduk? Duende | Ninja Kaplumbağalar: Kabul görme arzusu üzerine apéro | Bitki bazlı ‘et’ satışlarındaki düşüş FinTech İstanbul | Türkiye'de iki yeni banka daha doğuyor Ertuğrul Özkök | Küçük Güzel Şeyler Dükkânı: Hip hop bugün 50 yaşında Fast Company | Google’s product graveyard: the company’s best, worst, and weirdest ideas The Economist | Sportswashing: Why Saudi Arabia is buying the world’s sporting stars 💡 İpucu: Chr...Devamını Oku

12 Ağu 2023

• Elon Musk said that he was sure he had backing from Saudi financiers in 2018 to take Tesla private, as he testified against claims that he defrauded investors by later tweeting about his company. Musk said at the trial that he had met with Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund PIF on July 31, 2018, and that even though they did not discuss a takeover price the representatives made clear they would do what it takes for the buyout to happen. What happened? Tesla share...Devamını Oku

24 Oca 2023

Aposto TechAposto Tech


How and why: Internet held 'captive' by governments

How and for what purpose do governments censor the Internet? Which methods are most commonly used to censor the Internet?

11 Oca 2023

Introducing... Aposto Sports and Aposto Finance 🙌 This week, our new publications Aposto Sports and Aposto Finance published their first issues! You can find the best articles at Aposto on sports, at Aposto Sports . Curated by our editors, topics include soccer, basketball, tennis, F1, and more. A Winning World Cup Strategy for the Arab World By Daoud Kuttab AMMAN – For decades, the Arab world has suffered from disunity. While it is conn...Devamını Oku

18 Ara 2022



China and the Middle East: Institutionalisation of relationships

The outcomes of the China-Arab Summit are of great importance for international relations.

18 Ara 2022


A Winning World Cup Strategy for the Arab World

Arab unity based on well-executed and realistic strategies would make a huge difference to the region. And it is here that Morocco’s World Cup should inspire us.

14 Ara 2022

• Saudi Arabia’s GDP expanded an annual 8.8% in Q3, official figures showed on Sunday, keeping the oil-rich kingdom on track to be the fastest-growing among the G-20 economies in 2022. Oil-related GDP grew 14.2% in the quarter, slightly less than estimated, while the non-oil economy —the engine of job creation— grew 6%.

12 Ara 2022

Aposto Europe's Friday issue features an article by Nobel l aureate in economics, Professor at Columbia University and member of the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation, Joseph E. Stiglitz in collaboration with Project Syndicate. All pain and no gain from higher interest rates Central banks’ unwavering determination to increase interest rates is truly remarkable. In the name of taming inflation, they have deliberately...Devamını Oku

11 Ara 2022