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• Chinese automaker Chery is in talks with Russian manufacturers about producing cars in Russian plants, Russia's state-owned news agency TASS reported on Thursday, citing Vladimir Shmakov, director of Chery's Russian branch. TASS also cited Shmakov as saying he wanted to increase Chery's Russia sales to around 80,000 to 100,000 vehicles in 2022, up from 2021’s about 40,000 vehicles sold.

19 Ağu 2022

• Ukraine’s counter-offensive shelling of a hydroelectric power plant in the Russian-controlled Kherson region could leave to a complete shutdown of navigation on the Dnipro river —the country’s largest waterway— according to Russia’s TASS news agency.

20 Tem 2022

• More than 250 Ukrainian fighters surrendered to Russian forces at the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol after weeks of desperate resistance. Ukraine hailed the defenders of Mariupol as heroes who changed the course of the war by keeping Russian forces tied up for 82 days, a factor which Kyiv said had helped Ukrainian forces thwart Russian advances elsewhere. via Reuters Kremlin's promises: Moscow said President Vladimir Putin had personally guaranteed the p...Devamını Oku

18 May 2022

• The Biden admin announced $800 million in additional military aid for Ukraine, a day after accusing Vladimir Putin’s forces of committing genocide in Ukraine, with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warning China over its alignment with the Russian president’s government, Bloomberg reports. What they're saying: "We are warning that US-NATO weapons transports across Ukrainian territory will be considered by us as legal military targets ," The Russian state news agenc...Devamını Oku

14 Nis 2022

• President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a lunar probe called Luna-25 later this year and said that Russia will deepen cooperation with Belarus on space infrastructure and technology. The Russian leader added Russia would develop a new generation of transport spaceships and technologies for nuclear energy in space. via TASS

13 Nis 2022

⚡️ Lightning Round The managing company for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has not yet filed for insolvency, Russian news agency TASS reported, despite reports of the Swiss company laying off all of its employees last week. Eurozone equity funds saw an outflow of $6.7 billion (€6.1 bn) in the past week and equity funds lost $3.5 billion, Bank of America reported in the wake of the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine. UK's Royal London is planning on selling its Russi...Devamını Oku

07 Mar 2022

Sergei Malgavko | TASS | Getty Images • Moscow has said that the US-backed push to supply Ukraine with sophisticated armaments is alarming, and that reports appearing in US media suggesting that Russia is preparing for an invasion of Ukraine are part of a disinformation campaign.

23 Kas 2021

Sergei Malgavko | TASS | Getty Images • France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said “Any violation of the (Ukrainian) border, any intrusion (by Russia) would lead to extremely grave consequences,” in an interview. “Russia should instead bring its influence to help resolve the deepening crisis in Belarus,” he added.

22 Kas 2021

• US officials warned EU that Russia may be planning to invade Ukraine , as a buildup of Russian forces near the Ukranian border raises concerns over a possible military operation, Bloomberg reports. Sergei Malgavko | TASS | Getty Images A step back: Ukraine announced drills and deployment of 8,500 additional troops and police officers to their border with Russian-backed Belarus over growing concerns on the migrant crisis.

12 Kas 2021