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• Sony has more exclusive games than Xbox does, and many of its first-party titles "are better quality," Microsoft said in a court filing with the UK's antitrust regulator that was dated Oct. 31 but has recently been made publicly available. The Competition and Markets Authority is conducting an in-depth review of Microsoft's planned Activision Blizzard acquisition.

24 Kas 2022

• The General Conference on Weights and Measures in Paris voted to end the practice of occasionally adding one second to official clocks, by 2035. Leap second was introduced in 1972 to overcome differences between atomic time and observed solar time, but the practice has caused tech companies difficulties for decades as it can confuse servers. via Engadget The backstory: Russia voted against the proposal as it has done so before because its global positioning...Devamını Oku

21 Kas 2022

• Elizabeth Holmes , the former CEO and founder of blood-testing startup Theranos, has been sentenced to 135 months in prison and three years of supervised release, a year after she was found guilty of four counts of fraud. Holmes had raised $945 million with the false claims that her company developed technology that allows tests with only a few drops of blood. via Engadget

21 Kas 2022

• The FBI might have considered using NSO Group’s spyware Pegasus in criminal investigations as recently as last year, reported the New York Times. According to internal bureau documents and court records, agency officials were in the “advanced” stages of developing plans to brief FBI leadership on the software between late 2020 and early 2021. via Engadget What happened: In 2021, the US placed Pegasus creator NSO Group on the Commerce Department’s entity lis...Devamını Oku

14 Kas 2022

• IBM announced its latest quantum computing processor, Osprey, which has the largest qubit count of any of its processors at 433 quantum bits. It is a notable step forward for its ambitions in the field, with the aim of building a system with 4000-plus qubits by 2025, a computer power that could tackle artificial intelligence, drug discovery, and energy research. IBM

10 Kas 2022

• Google’s product graveyard continues to grow as 9to5Google found unpublished shutdown notices in the standalone Street View app, which announced support will end in March 2023. The notices were later confirmed by a spokesperson, who also added that Google will pull Street View from app stores in the coming weeks but it will continue being a key Google Maps feature. via 9to5Google One more: Hangouts has also been finally laid to rest with its website now r...Devamını Oku

03 Kas 2022

• Sony said it sold 3.3 million PlayStation 5s this quarter, matching exactly how it did last year, and bringing the total units sold since its launch to 25 million. However, the company still expects to sell 18 million PS5s to reach its target sales for the fiscal year. via Engadget

02 Kas 2022

• Elon Musk told Twitter’s employees that he doesn’t plan to lay off 75% of the workers like The Washington Post reported earlier, according to Bloomberg. He also tweeted a video of himself entering the Twitter San Francisco headquarters holding a sink, with the caption “Let that sink in!” ahead of his Twitter purchase closing, expected on Friday. via Engadget On a related note: Twitter shares will be suspended from trading on Friday, the New York Stock Exc...Devamını Oku

28 Eki 2022

• Snap's promised video editing suite is available after the company’s announcement in April. The feature lets creators add polish to their Snaps with virtual green screens, camera speed changes, and quick editing for multiple clips. The “Director Mode” will be available to all users on Android and iOS, but the BeReal-style dual camera function is limited to iOS for now. Snap

28 Eki 2022

• Elon Musk told prospective investors that he plans to cut off 75% of Twitter’s workforce of 7,500 members upon completion of his purchase of the company. The move would likely cripple the site's operations and kneecap its ability to moderate content and ensure users' security. via Engadget On the other hand: Twitter planned layoffs prior to the deal with Musk, according to internal documents obtained by The Post. Current leadership decided to reduce the sta...Devamını Oku

24 Eki 2022