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• Google is set to launch a new campaign in Germany that aims to make people more resilient to the corrosive effects of online misinformation, after seeing promising results in Eastern Europe. The tech giant plans to release a series of short videos, in an approach called "prebunking", highlighting the techniques common to many misleading claims. Zoom in: The videos will appear as advertisements on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok in Germany. A similar c...Devamını Oku

14 Şub 2023

• Meta has been hit with another hefty penalty for breaching European data protection law. The €265 million fine was announced today by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), the Facebook parent’s lead regulator for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Meta Furthermore: The DPC said it is also imposing a range of corrective measures on Meta, forcing it to take “a range of specified remedial actions within a particular time frame.” A spokesman for...Devamını Oku

29 Kas 2022

• Meta responded to the concerns of Germany's antitrust regulator by allowing its VR headset to be used without a Facebook account, the office said. After declaring Meta's new move was of "paramount significance for competition across markets" back in May, the regulator said the tech giant will allow the device to be used with a separate Meta account, clearing the path for selling its product in Germany.

24 Kas 2022

• Tencent , the $370 billion Chinese tech giant, posted a revenue of 134.03 billion Chinese yuan (€19.4 billion) in Q2 2022, its first-ever YoY revenue decline with a decline of 3% year-on-year as stricter regulations around gaming in China and the Jinping admin's zero-covid policy hit the technology giant.

18 Ağu 2022

• European data privacy advocacy group noyb has published details of an internal assessment by Facebook of its transfers of personal data from EU users to the US, which are ongoing despite two rulings by the bloc’s top court saying that the US is a risky jurisdiction for such data. Looking ahead… If an EU data transfer suspension order does wind up getting enforced, the tech giant will have to make drastic changes to its infrastructure and business model.

21 Ara 2021