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25 Ara 2022

Aposto ScienceAposto Science


Debunking Solar Geoengineering

Article by Lili Fuhr in collaboration with Project Syndicate

20 Ara 2022

How is COP27 different from other COP's? Five years after the signing of the Paris Agreement at COP21, COP26 resulted in the Glasgow Climate Pact, which kept alive the goal of reducing global warming to 1.5 degrees, but, as the then British Presidency explained, this result took place ‘with a weak pulse’. At COP26, countries agreed to make stronger commitments in the year that followed, including updated national plans with more ambitious goals, but so far only 40 out of ...Devamını Oku

22 Kas 2022

• Negotiators from nearly 200 countries agreed for the first time to help pay for the damage that global warming is causing in poor countries, as the COP27 climate talks came to an end on Sunday. The deal established a fund for what is called “loss and damage” while a long overnight final meeting remained short of addressing any other issues, including the main cause of disasters, fossil fuels. via CNN

21 Kas 2022

• A day before the COP27's Friday deadline , nations remained far apart on key climate issues as the first draft of a climate deal said to keep a target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, but left many of the most contentious issues in the talks unresolved. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged countries to "stand and deliver" a strong climate deal, and that he hopes to see negotiators bridge their differences on financing a "loss and damage" fund. Who doesn't ...Devamını Oku

18 Kas 2022

• G7 and the V20 group of climate-vulnerable countries launched the “Global Shield” at the UN COP27 summit on Monday, which aims to rapidly provide pre-arranged insurance and disaster protection funding after extreme climate events. The plan has so far been backed by €170 million in funding from Germany and €40 million from other donors including Denmark and Ireland. Contrary perspectives: Some countries and campaigners were cautious, however, over concerns the fund ...Devamını Oku

15 Kas 2022

• The UN climate summit COP27 began on Sunday with the participation of delegates from nearly 200 countries in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. Wealthy countries agreed for the first time to discuss “loss and damage,” the term used to describe rich nations paying out funds to help poor countries cope with the consequences of global warming for which they bear little blame. via Reuters On a related note: Dutch military police arrested over 200 activists who swarmed...Devamını Oku

07 Kas 2022

• The world’s efforts to reach any goals limiting future global warming are “highly inadequate” according to a UN report, which said the world is weaning itself from fossil fuels too slowly. Instead of limiting warming to 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the global goals set by the 2015 Paris agreement, the way the world is acting now, warming will hit 2.8 degrees by the year 2100.

28 Eki 2022

Aposto Business presents the best articles on business at Aposto, curated by our editors. Topics include micro-mobility, future of work, energy, green economy, consumer products, marketing and more. Electric vehicles: What is on the other side of the coin? An article published by The Guardian last year compared the period in which we moved from fossil-fuelled vehicles to electric ones, with the period in which we moved from horse-drawn vehicles to automobiles. The a...Devamını Oku

16 Eki 2022

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Electric vehicles: What is on the other side of the coin?

While regulations to combat climate change increase the charm of electric vehicles, the 'hidden' reality of EVs continues to be a hot topic.

06 Eki 2022