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olive oil ile ilgili hikayeler

That smell... Only those who live here will know: The smell of simit in the morning Nowhere else in Istanbul: Neighbours who like having fun together The song: If I am allowed to adapt, I would like to try California Dreamin’ The smell: Frame houses and coffee The tempo: Unhurried, productive, chatty Nighttime: Humming from the balconies. Daytime: Sounds of walking. My latest discovery in the neighbourhood: Farmyard Co. where I buy honey, ...Devamını Oku

25 Eyl 2022

Gurmedenal: Don't look elsewhere Gurmedenal is actually within the borders of Bomonti, on the right on the way to Kurtuluş; it is a family-run gourmet shop with a gourmet name. Aside from the fact that it invents its own recipes, you will want to stop by just to chat with the friendly owners. Gurmedenal produces goods unlike many of recent times which may be masterpieces of packaging design but mostly fail in flavor. In addition to the new recipes developed in their labs...Devamını Oku

02 Eyl 2022

5. Where to watch the flamingos? Tuzla Waterland, Boğaziçi Village If you haven't seen a flamingo before, we advise you to head to the airport 1 hour earlier and see the nearby Tuzla Waterland. The Waterland is on the migration route of flamingos, pelicans, and many other local birds, and was deemed as an extremely important bird region in 2001 by the IBA (Important Bird Area). Birds appear in wintertime there but you can still see them around Boğaziçi, Bodrum. On top...Devamını Oku

31 Ağu 2022

This is you, looking out to sea from Yula 1 - Yula Cocktail Where? There are two branches of Yula Cocktail. One is at Yalıkavak, under the 580 years old olive oil, and the other is at Bodrum center. Yalıkavak is renowned for its food, and the Bodrum center has an amazing castle view. What to eat? Corn tempura and chilli pasion with tajin spice . When to go? Whenever you like to feel the live music and dance under the stars. Be careful, with these ...Devamını Oku

31 Ağu 2022