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It is with great sadness that this issue of the Bulletin is prepared at an extraordinary time when a massive disaster hit the country. The series of earthquakes, the first of which occurred on February 6 in Kahramanmaraş and affected 10 provinces in total, turned life upside down in this region of the country with the still-continuing aftershocks and caused great material and moral damage. After the search and rescue efforts and first interventions that have been going on ...Devamını Oku

24 Şub 2023

• A Ukrainian general said Russia is preparing for a long war and still aimed to conquer all of Ukraine, as fighting continued with Russia pounding Kherson and Kharkiv while Ukraine shelled Russian-controlled Donetsk. via Reuters Meanwhile: In Brussels, the EU agreed to aid Ukraine with €18 billion in 2023 after President Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged them to back "our struggle for peace for Ukraine and for the whole of Europe." In other news: Russia's Preside...Devamını Oku

16 Ara 2022

• Hungary is expecting to sign an agreement within days for a new package of reforms planned to be submitted to the parliament by the end of March that will bring the country closer to accessing more than €12 billion in suspended EU funding, Hungary’s principal EU negotiator said.

14 Ara 2022

• A Kurdish-born Swedish MP , Amineh Kakabaveh, said that the country would lose its "dignity and values" if it decides to meet the demands of Turkey to extradite Kurdish people wanted by Ankara in exchange for a NATO membership approval. Bottom line: As a member of NATO, Turkey has the power to veto Sweden's membership in the military alliance and has held up plans for its accession.

07 Haz 2022

• Russia predicts it will collect €8.6 billion of additional revenue in April thanks to surging oil prices despite Western sanctions aiming at distancing the country from global trade. In other news: Sanctioned Russian bank VTB handed out €2.8 million worth of coupon payments in rubles as sanctions have blocked Russia from accessing almost half of its $640 billion (€586bn) forex and gold reserves.

06 Nis 2022

Dinlenesi The Pretenders - My City was Gone: Şarkı grubun vokalisti Chrissie Hynde’ın doğduğu yer olan Ohio’ya döndüğünde, tarihi merkezin, gökdelenli alışveriş merkezleri yapılması ile yıkılmasından duyduğu üzüntüyü dile getiriyor. Aynı zamanda kaçtığı doğanın da bu şehirleşmeden payını alması Hynde’ın bu şarkıyı yazmasında asıl pay sahibi gibi: I went back to Ohio But my pretty countryside Had been paved down the middle By a government that had no pride

30 Mar 2021