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The Journey of Mehmet Şimşek and Hafize Gaye Erkan

The way these individuals are referred to, separate from the functioning and human resources of the institutions, serves as a strong indication of the institutional collapse that we have been reporting on in our bulletins.

Enes Özkan


23 Haz 2023

• Europe’s largest banks are pledging to return large payouts to shareholders in a combination of buybacks and dividends after interest rate earnings bolster lenders. The Swiss bank UBS vowed to return €6.1 billion as it made record profits partially from clients switching from Credit Suisse, while the Milan-based UniCredit intends to return €5.25 billion.

01 Şub 2023

• European carmakers BMW and Stellantis reported surging revenues, boosted by higher prices and strong pent-up demand for cars following the Covid-19 pandemic. BMW posted Q3 sales of €37.2 billion, up by over a third, in large part due to strong sales in China. Meanwhile, Stellantis, the owner of Jeep and Peugeot, said sales in Q3 climbed 29% to €42.1 billion. via FT Looking ahead… BMW warned that high inflation and interest rate hikes were starting to weaken...Devamını Oku

04 Kas 2022

• Russia's central bank lowered its key interest rate by 50 basis points to 7.5% on Friday, suggesting that its rate-cutting cycle may be close to an end as inflationary expectations rise and omitting guidance about studying the need for future cuts, Reuters reported.

19 Eyl 2022

• The Swiss National Bank maintained its attitude toward inflation as chairman Thomas Jordan said that the country's consumer price increase of 2.4% was a temporary situation. Big picture: The SNB has maintained the world's lowest interest rate at -0.75% as central banks around the world have hiked rates to combat global inflation.

21 Nis 2022

• The IMF came out in support of ECB's easy monetary policy, namely their 0% interest rate that the central bank has been under pressure to hike, as the current sky-high inflation levels are due to ease "once the pandemic fades." "The ECB has appropriately decided to maintain an accommodative monetary stance until its medium-term inflation target is met while preserving its flexibility to adjust course if high underlying inflation proves more durable than expected." — ...Devamını Oku

18 Şub 2022

• UK clearing houses got a final extension from the EU to continue trading with the bloc until 2025, as policymakers foresee three years as sufficient to shift businesses out of the post-Brexit UK. By the numbers: The London Stock Exchange's LCH unit processes 90% of euro interest rate derivatives, and interest rate swaps in the continent grew to €276 billion in January for 22% of the market.

09 Şub 2022

• The European Central Bank maintained its 0% interest rate as expected amid record inflation rates across Europe, with Eurostat reporting 5.1% the day before the central bank meeting. Furthermore: ECB is likely to continue enduring pressure from policymakers to tighten monetary policy as it renewed its pledge to withdraw pandemic stimulus only gradually and so far maintained a negative 0.5% deposit rate for banks to hold deposits at the central bank overnight. ...Devamını Oku

04 Şub 2022