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2023 Turkish Economy and Institutional Developments

The government's endeavors aimed at economic stabilization, coupled with the central bank's responsibility in steering monetary policy, played critical roles in confronting challenges like inflation, currency stability, and trade disparities. However, the centralization of these plans, or their absence, unfortunately resulted in an inadequate institutional capacity to effectively manage the economy.

Enes Özkan


23 Ara 2023

Inflation Projections in the Central Bank Governor’s Presentation

Another issue of direct relevance to our daily lives was addressed in this part of the presentation: tax increases. However, despite acknowledging that tax hikes lead to increased inflation, the Central Bank chooses to use the term “tax adjustments.”

Enes Özkan


18 Eki 2023

• Sweden's economy will likely contract by 1.1% next year as high inflation and rising interest rates weigh on households and businesses, the National Institute of Economic Research forecast on Wednesday, against a fall of 0.1% seen in NIER's September prediction.

22 Ara 2022