Central Bank ile ilgili hikayeler

Another (!) Earthquake at the Central Bank

We experienced a very interesting example of the collapse of Turkey's institutions with the recent change of the CBRT governor. Who knows which people in which institutions experience similar absurdities every day? However, since the CBRT is a very visible institution, we were able to follow these problems. Institutions in Turkey continue to collapse not only in terms of rules or in the political science sense but also physically.

Enes Özkan


16 Şub 2024

Inflation Projections in the Central Bank Governor’s Presentation

Another issue of direct relevance to our daily lives was addressed in this part of the presentation: tax increases. However, despite acknowledging that tax hikes lead to increased inflation, the Central Bank chooses to use the term “tax adjustments.”

Enes Özkan


18 Eki 2023

Increases in various indirect tax items continue

In fact, one of the initial steps taken by Mehmet Şimşek's economic team has been to raise various indirect taxes, particularly the Special Consumption Tax. It's evident that the hikes in indirect taxes are aimed at consumers.

Çağın T. Eroğlu


17 Ağu 2023

Once Upon a Time: The Central Bank

Even an autocratic leader like Putin accepts some preconditions of the economy and does not resist them. But our central bank and the politicians who are its real managers ignore even this basic fact. Their sole purpose is to prevent the rise in the dollar until the election is over. But they have not been able to do this fully.

04 May 2023

• Eurozone bond yields rose sharply on Thursday, with the Italian 10-year yield briefly surging above 4% for the first time since June as traders jacked up their bets on a big European Central Bank interest rate hike next week. Europe’s money markets were pricing in a roughly 85% chance for a 75 basis point rate hike, following Wednesday's record-high inflation print.

02 Eyl 2022

• European Central Bank policymakers will reportedly ask President Christine Lagarde this week to firmly state that fragmentation won’t be allowed to happen in the eurozone, to make sure the borrowing costs of more vulnerable countries like Italy and Spain will be reined in. Some background… The 10-year spread between German and Italian bonds has been widening as markets prepare for tapering at this week’s ECB meeting, and exceeded 200 basis points; compared with les...Devamını Oku

07 Haz 2022

• Economists expect Eurozone inflation to accelerate to 7.8% in May, a survey by Bloomberg showed, signaling an escalation in the debate this week over how aggressively the European Central Bank should tighten monetary policy. via Bloomberg The quote: “Even when supply shocks fade, the disinflationary dynamics of the past decade are unlikely to return,” Lagarde said last week in a blog post laying out what ECB officials describe as a roadmap for monetary polic...Devamını Oku

30 May 2022