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Aposto Finance gathers the best articles on finance at Aposto, curated by our editors. Topics include micro and macro economic developments, market reports and more. A China Optimist’s Lament Written by Stephen S. Roach NEW HAVEN – I have been a congenital China optimist for most of the past 25 years. I first came to that view in the depths of the Asian financial crisis in 1997-98. The so-called East Asian growth miracle was in tatters and China was widel...Devamını Oku

22 Oca 2023

⚖️ Analysis: Italy's Meloni and the technocrats — a difficult power balance 🪤 Opinion: Putin can’t escape the West’s economic trap 🌍 Early globalization: Wanderlust of the ancients

25 Kas 2022

☢️ Defense: Putin can be pressured to pull troops from Zaporizhzhia 🌐 Opinion: The enemies of globalization are circling 📽️ Watch: The most controversial 90s sci-fi movie

31 Ağu 2022

• Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought an abrupt end to globalization, investment management giant BlackRock said, with the chairman noting that "companies and governments will also be looking more broadly at their dependencies on other nations," which he said could lead to a major shuffling of global supply chains. via CNN Silver lining: The Ukraine war's incredible inflationary pressures on energy prices "will actually accelerate the shift toward gre...Devamını Oku

25 Mar 2022